The Creative Strategy Ni

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The Creative Strategy
Business Overview:

Nike is a global sports apparel, equipment and footwear company that prides itself on innovative design and inspiration for the athlete in you. In 2011, Nike had a revenue (in Austrlaia) of $182, 218,000. That same year, Nike had an employee listing of 354 employees, which included employees from subsidiary companies (IbisWorld Report, article 1 & 2, 2011) ( It is a foreign-owned company and the Australian headquarters are located in Abbotsford, Victoria.

The Nike ‘swoosh’ logo was bought in 1971 off a Graphic Design student at Portland State University.

Nike’s subsidiary brands include NIKE Golf, Cole Haan (a luxury clothing line), Converse, Hurley International LLC (surfing and youth lifestyle clothing and accessories), Jordan Brand (premium line of footwear designed and managed by Michael Jordan), and Umbro (predominately associated with Soccer).

The NIKE product line includes:
* Nike Store
* Nike Football
* Nike+ Running
* Nike Basketball
* Nike 6.0 Outerwear
* Nike Women
* Nike Soccer
* Nike id
* Timing/Watches

During the 1990’s, Nike came under fire for the use of child labour in their factories and exploitative working conditions in the developing world. Physical abuse, terrible wages, exposure to dangerous chemicals, long hours and exploiting child labour were just some of the things that factory workers were exposed to or forced to endure.

Nike has since spent huge amounts of money and set in place a corporate responsibility strategy that is addressing these concerns. The legal age to now work in a Nike factory is now 18 and wages have increased, less harmful chemicals are now used and a Code of Conduct now exists. Nike also regularly inspects and monitors any factories it has contracted to manufacture it’s products. Goals have been set by the company and although they still have a long way to...
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