The Creation of Pegasi

Topics: Pegasus, Horse, Perseus Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: October 3, 2013
The Creation of Pegasi
In the beginning the gods created everything, unfortunately not all the creations are known by humans. The gods were fond of using horse drawn carriages, but the horse couldn't run through the sky. So the gods decided to give one of their horses’ wings to suit their needs. The horse wasn't sure that he wanted wings; he told the gods he didn't like the idea, but the gods ignored him. The gods tried wings from other animals first to see if the horse could fly with them. None of them worked. “I told you.” said the horse”I can’t and I won’t be able to fly. ” then the gods got an idea to make a custom pair of wings that would fit the horse. They had finally made a winged horse that they called a Pegasus. Every god was assigned a pair of Pegasi to pull their carriages. The first Pegasus however wasn't assigned to a god he was free to live his life, so he started a family. He had two little Pegasi children. Soon after gods created man, man was fascinated with the Pegasi and became friends with them. The Pegasi eventually completely trusted man and decided to show man the sky. Then one person betrayed the trust of the Pegasi and enslaved them, by convincing his fellow man they were superior. Man then decided they were tired of being ruled by the gods, so they were going to use the Pegasi to over throw the gods. Their plan was to steal the gods weapons and use them against them. The gods heard of their plan though and stopped them, but so the humans would never try this again the gods took all the Pegasi and replaced them with normal horses and erased any memory of the Pegasi from the people’s minds. All the Pegasi currently live with the gods and are forbidden to go to earth unless they are with a god. Yet people still see them flying through the sky wondering what they are and how they came to be.
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