The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done

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The craziest thing I ever done
We have a twirp on November the 3rd, a dance which girls ask boys out. I want to enjoy myself in my first and last twirp and all I need is a date.

Obviously, things become awkward when you try to ask a boy out at a school that you hardly know anybody-yes I have some people in mind but how am I suppose to tell whether they already have a date or not! I want a date so much that eventually I came up with a crazy idea: make some cookies and put chocolate chips in only one of them, then invite boys in my calculus class to eat the cookies and whoever gets the chocolate one would become my date.

I told this idea to my host family 2 weeks ago, and we shared this with almost everybody: their friends, their parents, their collages. Everybody’s response was surprisingly the same-first laughed out loud and then praised it as a brilliant idea. All of them encouraged me to do it: you are so creative and it must be fun! “Well, maybe it is not that crazy as I thought.” I said to myself.

And I really did it. I searched for the recipe, made the dough by myself, waited in front of the oven, and invited my host parents to taste it. “This is going to be great! I’m sure you will find your date.” My host mum said to me while she was eating the cookie. Back then, I felt really confident.

However, in my calculus class, I suddenly got nervous: what if nobody eats it and everybody laughs at me! “Don’t waste your cookies! Give it a shot!” another piece of me tried to persuade myself. Finally, I stepped out of my desk, and told my teacher about it. He gave his permission with a big smile: everybody listen up, Yanyan has something to show you.

The very moment I started to speak, I regretted, but there was no way I could quit. “Hi everybody, this is going to be my first and last twirp and I really don’t know who to ask for a date. So I made cookies last night and only one of them got chocolate chips in it, whoever gets that one will become my...
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