The Cove

Topics: Consciousness, Dolphin drive hunting, Close-up Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: March 14, 2011
The story in the documentary “The Cove” had a very strong and heartfelt story. It touches on how there are more dolphin’s killed during dolphin hunting season than there are whales killed in the Antarctic. The dolphins are lured into a cove in the National Park at Taiji, Wakayama and killed by dolphin hunters by spears over the side of their boats and nets. This documentary fell under the category of a social documentary in my eyes. The anti-dolphin hunters are trying to make the people of Japan aware of the dolphin traps and raise awareness for the matter at hand. I would say there was a strong beginning and middle to the documentary, but the ending wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. Even though it was a documentary trying to raise awareness for the subject, I thought it was going to have a happier ending where it explained that the dolphin hunters were banded from the cove, but it went on to explain that the hunters are still killing and will resume hunting every September until something is done about it. It really encourages you to help the situation in any way possible. The main characters were the anti-dolphin hunters and the dolphin hunters, where the protagonists were the anti-dolphin hunters and the antagonist were the dolphin hunters. The film is in dolphin trainer, Ric O’Barry’s point of view. It follows him around as he captures footage of the events taking place at the National Park. He tells stories of his dolphin training career and states facts substantial to the events taking place. He makes it evident to the people of Japan what is going on in the waters at the cove which is “off limits” to the public. The director captures amazing shots in this film. I especially thought the shot of the water completely filled with blood held a very strong meaning. It really touches on how intense the situation actually is. Another thing I really enjoyed about what the director captured was the amount children that were affected from the...
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