The Cove

Topics: Sundance Film Festival, Government of Japan, English-language films Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The Cove
An Essay
The Cove is an Academy Award winner documentary. It is brave attempt by the director Louie Psihoyos. He has made an expository film, a stirring call to action against slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The film follows a group of activists, providing the audience with the suspense of a caper movie. They expose the slaughter in a cove near a small Japanese village. Psihoyos has convincingly covered a number of arguments in the film. The lead of the character, Richard ‘O Barry maintains a strong screen presence in the film, till the end. Richard ‘O Barry carries the film along with a team of professional divers, Hollywood special effects people and a film crew to capture the movie. The planning and execution of a sneaky plan to document the killing of dolphins remains the heart of the film. The proof turns out to be ruthless, explicit, and inconvertible. In the dead of night, the team sneaks in hidden cameras in fake rocks and underwater cameras to record the next day killing. Another topic covered in the film is dolphin meat. Dolphin meat is considered and even proved in the film, to have toxic levels of mercury. There is some DNA test done to show that the meat is being sold to human beings in Japan. The film argues that dolphins being at the top of food chain, suffer from more mercury contamination than the other fishes and plants at the bottom of food chain. One theory advanced in the film is that the Japanese government considers dolphins as pests because they vie for the same fish as human eats. So they are killing dolphins to have more fishes for themselves. The film is also an awakening call that the ocean does not have infinite resources. The film also argues that the international whaling commission and other governing bodies need to step up and take action. It also encourages next generation after Ric’ O Barry to take place and save ocean life. The Cove is also clever in the way it extrapolates out from the horrors of the...
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