The Cost of Being Nice

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The Cost of Being Nice
Case Study

In Chapter 5, Case Incident 1 titled “On the Costs of Being Nice”; the writer relates how common courtesy may influence the success in a person’s life. While discussing the likelihood of the matter, the incident also puts emphases on how being “too agreeable” can unknowingly have disadvantages on its own. The writer describes agreeable individuals to have low credit scores based on their ability to negotiate “distributively” along with their choices to choose an occupation which may earn low salaries based upon their targeted industries. Other disadvantages of agreeable individuals will include their low drive to take control and their “tendency to engage in lower degrees of proactive task behaviors”. On the other hand, towards the end of the incident the writer begins to clarify that although being agreeable doesn’t seem to earn much pay, it does have its own advantages. Agreeable individuals are perceived to be happier and more helpful at work as well in life itself. For their earnings do not define their success in life, agreeable individuals have the advantage of finding success in being happy.

5-16. Yes, I do agree that employers must choose between agreeable employees and top performers. In today’s society, you may find some employees who would hold both of these qualities. However, the incident states that agreeable individuals are employees who are better liked at work and are more likely to help others while on the other hand; top performers are employees who seem to have a higher drive to one day become a leader. Each employee has his or her own qualities and if an employer comes upon an employee who happens to have both of these qualities, he or she should definitely be considered as a candidate for the job. Not only will they be well-liked within the job force, but they will all be a good leader as they encourage people to do their job and make work less stressful. But if both...
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