The Corporation

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The Corporation

Potential conflicts of interest occur in every-day business in the corporate world. Many corporations have behaved unethically and been associated with business scandals. “The Corporation” documentary (Achbar & Abbott, 2003), is a powerful tool in providing a context of what business decisions corporations face and how to ethically make them. “The Corporation” Commentary

The Corporation illustrates conflicts that usually occur as a result of the corporate business of maximizing shareholders’ wealth. It is a powerful lesson in learning that the business decisions corporations encounter usually require balancing corporate mission with vital business ethics. The film highlights real life issues that corporations face by the discussions held by the businessmen and women in the documentary. The movie begins by defining a corporation. It then goes on to define the original purpose of the corporation. It also provides case histories. It describes how some corporations manufacture what they know to be dangerous products and still go ahead to sell them. The movie also highlights a corporation’s responsibility towards care of the environment by pointing out harm done to animals. It describes how Monsanto markets the use of Bovine Somatotropin injections for dairy cows to increase milk production. The injections have severe side effects to cattle and they are risky for the consumer too. The movie also points out how corporations may harm the environment by pointing out that even when they harm the environment, legislation doesn’t stop it from occurring. The movie demonstrates the mindsets executives have as they pursue profits. On the other hand, it indicates how the structure of the corporation require investors rely on the managers, who oftentimes go the wrong way of involvement in fraud. The fraud ends up benefitting the non-stakeholders such as auditors, investment bankers and...

References: Achbar, M., & Abbott, J. (Directors). (2003). The Corporation [Motion Picture].
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