The Core of Confucianism

Topics: Confucianism, Virtue, Overseas Chinese Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The core of Confucianism: 仁(ren)、义(yi)、礼(li)、智(zhi)、信(xin)、恕(shu)、忠(zhong)、孝(xiao)、悌(ti)

Ren: Love people. Confucius ideological system theory core. It is Confucian social politics, ethics of the highest ideal and standards Also reflects his philosophical views are also quite far-reaching impact on future generations. Spring and autumn period to learn in the government, Confucius first open private school Disciples regardless of noble birth or poverty, are subject to the same education. Humanity reflected in politics is to emphasize " govern the state by morality”, (govern the state by morality)'s basic spirit essence is universal love all the and interested in charities, Confucius the kernel into rite, change the traditional"


Yi: Righteousness, justice, fairness, justice, justice. Chinese traditional culture "justice" as the ultimate goal of life and value orientation.. 《The book of rites-- the doctrine of the mean》: “Righteous one appropriate also. Honour for information”, Chinese traditional culture with the justice and benevolence and as traditional moral core content, Put forward the idea of: "Virtue and morality"’ "Show extremely forbearance”, "Die to achieve virtue". Righteousness "is appropriate, it should be, should be intended. Righteousness "is appropriate, it should be, should be intended.Righteousness "is appropriate, it should be, should be intended. And " Righteousness ": friendship, grace friendship Including the interaction between mutual care, mutual care, mutual help. Family and friendship, and development to the perfect degree. There is "righteousness" composition. "Righteousness", make friendship friendship friendly pure long."Righteousness" in, friends will not betray a friend, The husband will not abandon his wife and children.” Righteousness", it is the Chinese nation lofty moral performance.


Li:Politeness, comity, courtesy, etiquette, propriety system. "Ceremony" highlight the spirit of traditional Chinese...
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