The Convergence of Home Technology

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The Convergence of Home Technology

This essay is about how technology is slowly being intergraded into every day house holed appliances and how everything in houses will be electronically controlled through computers.

The coming together of home technology is the subject of much debate - how integrated is our home, what could we do without, what couldn't we even think of living without.

But the integration of home technology isn't just about entertainment systems talking to your PC, your Xbox streaming films and programs from your computer to your television or even switching to voice over Internet Protocol for your telephony. Home technology convergence covers a mass of applications throughout the house from automated garage doors and light switches activated from your iPhone to a fridge that lets you know when you need more milk.

Home media servers allow you to integrate your entire system into a digital home working group network, allowing you to use your PC as your home 'hub' for everything technological. The very latest televisions are not only HD and 3D ready - they're also pc connect ready too, contradicting the need for cables and linking up by Wi-Fi network. The computer is taking its rightful place at the very heart of the technological home. Now it's not just the focal point for downloading data from the Internet or for the kids to do their homework on. It's literally become 'one of the family'.

In conclusion technology is forever moving forward in pursuit of mans ever-changing dream of perfection.

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