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The Conundrum of the Cv

Topics: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office, Saudi Arabia, Microsoft, Customer service, Riyadh / Pages: 4 (1000 words) / Published: Apr 6th, 2013
cvSyed Safeer Ul Hassan,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
Tel: +966 59 751 9527
Email: 12/Jan/2013

Dear Sir,

It is with great pleasure to present my CV to your company, and it really gives me great honour to be one of your company’s members.

I have been working at Saudi Lumat for the past three year as an IT Systems administrator. I have gained practical experience while working at the site with limited resources but still i have achieved minimum downtimes with different systems.

I have enclosed my resume to provide you with an overview of my experience and training. I have two 2 years of experience with Alexmar NOC Center (Network operations center) and a solid commitment to this important customer service field. I have learned techniques relevant to the ones needed advertised in the Ad

I wish to build on my achievements and take on a management position in this area. To assist me in this goal I have recently completed a six-month course in PMP. As a result, I can offer you a combination of practical knowledge for effective project management while steering well in to the budget.
I would be very pleased to discuss my application further with you at your convenience. Please contact me at the above address so that I can provide you with any additional information you may require.

Yours sincerely
Syed Safeer Ul Hassan


Mobile: 0562768502


I am currently looking for a full time position in an environment that offers a greater challenge, increased benefits for my family, and the opportunity to help the company advance efficiently and productively

summary of Education:

* Degree in BIT (Hons) Bachelors in Information Technology
Major:Database Administration, OOAD systems, IT Networks
University of Derby, UK, Affiliated from SCI.

* HSSC: Intermediate in Computer Science
Pakistan International School Riyadh, K.S.A.

* SSC: Matriculation in Science
Pakistan International School Riyadh, K.S.A.


| Saudi Lumat - It Systems Administrator ( DEC 2009-NOV 2012) | I worked with Saudi Lumat for about 3 years and I was in charge of IT department. Working in an environment with different projects prompted the need of project management. This was the base of my electing to complete my PMP thereby enabling me to effectively manage and develop solutions. | | | |

Responsibilities and duties performed

* Conduct analysis to gather the requirement of the client and write specification of the system to be developed. * Use of SDLC in system development. * Installation of networks and Wlan hotspots throughout the site. * Installation and administration of biometric systems at the site to track attendance of the staff. * Installation and administration of biometric security gate pass system. * Troubleshooting any it related problem. * Corrective and preventive maintenance of Printers, plotters. * Provide it related assistance in any case possible. * Develop websites for the business with e-commerce and different apps. * Repairing of laptops with hands on experience in electronics and chip level repair. * Installation of Security and network cameras for surveillance. * Installation and monitoring of different servers such as DHCP, Microsoft Exchange, DNS, Active directory, ISA, Mail, Print servers, share point server 2010. * Microsoft Access Database development and administration followed by integration in to share point server. * Program SharePoint web parts. * Document all my activities and present reports for KPI determination. * Integration of official processes in to database systems like Document control systems, alert automation systems etc.

Alexmar Holding Co. (Apr 2008 – Nov 2009) Supervisor Customer Care Representative

* I was previously working at Alexmar Holding Company for about 2 years (Contractor of MOBILY) for booster power supply. As a Call centre operator, and then as a shift Supervisor, I use to receive customer tickets from Ericsson AB, Motorola and Alcatel Lucent also Nokia MTC for maintenance of the BTS sites. Trouble ticketing system for problem solving was employed.

Responsibilities and duties performed

* We used to receive tickets as the customer support personnel at Alexmar. * We use to work at excel sheets and at the end of the day we had to submit daily reports. * I use to work as the shift supervisor at Alexmar and had to keep the track of KPI limits so to speak, I could enhance the performance of my shift on a daily basis. * We use to work under the SLA (Service level agreement), which was deemed as the course of conduct at the field between us and Ericsson. * We received training in BTS shelter and were visually familiar with all the equipments and their functions. * Technicalities of power supplying are an underlying subject for us. We supervised the technicians on a regular basis * I am also familiar with Ran support system and am compatible to work as a Surveillance Engineer on the account of my superb experience in power NOC.

SADA CENTER for Real Estate ( June 2007 – Feb 2008) * I have worked in SADA CENTER for Real State as a Network Administrator for about 6 months and i was managing and designing new networks, administering an active directory, installation of multiport switches, routers, handling mail servers.

Computer Knowledge

* Linux Red Hat Power User | * SQL database integration. | * Windows 2008 RC Server * Windows 7, Vista, Xp, ME, NT, 2000, 98, 95 * Microsoft Exchange | * Networking, Switching and routing. * Sharepoint Installation * Access database design and administration * Crystal reports * Preparation of Project schedule on Primavera P6 * MS Project | * Web design (Flash and Adobe Photoshop) * Air crack-Ng suite for auditing Wlann networks. * Windows, Linux and its different flavoured distros | |


* Great communication skills * Language skills (English ,Arabic, Urdu) * Sales & Marketing skills * Computer operating * MS Office (making a presentation’s, assignments, document etc...) * Auto CAD (All versions) * Microsoft Office * Slitaz Linux distro * Advanced skill in electronics repair and maintenance. * Primavera P6 * MS Project


Name: Syed Safeer Ul Hassan

Nationality: Pakistani

Phone no: +966 59 751 9527

Sex Male

Marital Status Single

Work Permit status Transferable

Location Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Date Of Birth 08-Mar-1989

Driver License Valid


References available upon request.

References: available upon request.

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