The Control of Media over People

Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: October 13, 2008
People Control Media Or Media Control People?

Is very interesting the way media control people, in first instance media was created to get people informed instantly about what was happening in the world instantly, but as its commonly presented in society, humans abuse of power, this time they used it to hypnotize people, somehow media control people because they use many subliminal messages which at last make humans to change their mind, and probably what Mr. Cernik says is true, “television make people stupid.” At last media finishes making choices for people, and this takes humans their freedom because they are mesmerized under the control of media. This ends being a mistake because after people have committed the error of voting then it comes the opportunity for the leader of take again advantage of his power and make whatever he wants. This method is very common and it’s not only used on elections, but on every product a company wants to sell, somehow they take advantages of human ignorance, this makes no good because they are cheating on us, somehow there are always one step forward, but if we stop to think about it, if we were them then we would use the same. Humans at this point of life they are dependent of media, but there are different types of media, such as newspaper, this type of media is very good, even though it has also a little bit of propaganda there are not too many manners on how to catch people against their own will, the television type of media is very good but when some try to take advantage becomes harmful, and this type of media should be punished, election commercials on T.V. should be cancelled because those commercials manipulate humans, someway transform humans in their robots and they can control them however they want. And it’s hard to believe it but at last humans become slaves of media, humans have become very lazy, to the point that they rather see television than reading newspaper. To end my report I would want to bring this...
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