The Contributions of Smes to Developing Countries

Topics: University, Public relations, Tenure Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: March 21, 2009

“A THOUGHT WITHOUT AN ACTION IS EMPTY AND AN ACTION WITHOUT A THOGHT IS FOOLISH”. This was a statement of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Ghana’s first President. Mr. Chairman, Dean of Students, members of staff present, the outgoing SRC executives, electoral committee members, ever loving and long serving students, distinguish ladies and gentlemen, it is on the basis of this grounds that I IDDRISU MUBARIK NAPARI stand to contest and win this important position. That is, local NUGS/PUSAG President. I wish to emphatically state that, my competitor is here in good faith to help me emerge the victor of this election. Mr. Chairman, all protocol observed, I have an agenda known as SETTING THE RECORDS STRAIGHT. And my agenda outline the following; I have a dream of taking CSUC to the highest level of its kind in terms of publicity. This I will do through the able leadership of the current NUGS, USAG and PUSAG Presidents and their executives. This I can assure you I have started building the rapport among these leaders gestated above and this is the time for you to give me your approval as the local president of NUGS/PUSAG to turn this dream into reality. Secondly, Mr. Chairman, it is my dream and desire to fostering very healthy and cordial relations among student of our noble university and other universities within and outside the boundaries of Ghana. But this dream needs your endorsement to come true. Furthermore, I wish to also state it clear that, the local NUGS/PUSAG president is seen as a liaison officer between students of his/her institution and other institutions, with this my tenure of office will ensure that students of CSUC will occupy various national student leadership positions in NUGS, USAG and PUSAG. In addition, Mr. chairman, I would like to assure my colleague students that, under my leadership as pusag president the annual pusag games will no...
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