The Contribution of Online Pharmacy to Good Pharmacy Practice

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Online pharmacy service is a facility that allows people to get access on pharmaceutical services using their internet. By this, pharmacists are able to communicate, to share skills and to contribute in drug monitoring. On the other hand people get served on line, get information about drugs and where to find them, they get advice and counseling and all pharmaceutical services in their diversities. PharmWeb is a good example.

On line pharmacy services can be seen as:

- Online pharmacy: Online pharmacies are pharmacies which operate over the internet. Many such pharmacies are, in some ways, similar to community pharmacies; the primary difference is the method by which the medication are requested and received.

- Online discussion forum: it is an online space on which pharmacists put their experiences in order to contribute in pharmaceutical acknowledges development. Note that there are subjected to critics from other pharmacists.

- Online guide: customers can easily find where to buy drugs, be guided on links of other pharmacy websites worldwide and by the way increase their skills about pharmaceutical products and how to use them.

- Online library: is an online repository of pharmaceutical information for educational and research purposes.

- Online training courses: pharmacists can receive training via questionnaires uploaded on the internet.

Good pharmacy practice is defined as a good, standardized and organized provision of medications and other health care products and services and to help people and society to make the best use of them.

The research will concern about what kind of services that can be given online and their contribution to good pharmacy practice. Rwandese capacity of managing such engine will be taken account.


Now days the domain of pharmacy has become world widely of interest:

– Many people are directed to the pharmacy profession

– Many community pharmacies are opened.

– Particularly in Rwanda we have a very increasing number of pharmacists.

– We all know that a pharmacist must keep updating his/her knowledge.

– Now we are all aware that pharmaceutical care is an important tool to rich our goals as pharmacists.

– A large number of the population calls for pharmacy services.

All those statement above has brought me to these questions: A network, on which pharmacists can share their experiences and their knowledge, where the population can find their needs in pharmaceutical field and further more where pharmaceutical services can be monitored, will not be necessary?

Which kind of services will that site web include in order to meet good pharmacy practice?


Online pharmacy services will contribute significantly in order to meet good pharmacy practice in Rwanda.

The objectives of the study are divided into:
I.4.1. Overall objective
This study aims to elucidate the contribution that online pharmacy services will bring to the good pharmacy practice once established in Rwanda.

I.4.2.Specific objectives

Specific objectives are:

- To show what kind of pharmaceutical services that can be handled online.

- To show how the online pharmacy services will improve good pharmacy practice

- To show the way by which an online pharmacy should be managed in order to meet good pharmacy practice guide lines.

-To sort out barriers which online pharmacy services are subjected to in their implementation and management in Rwanda.

Till now there is no pharmacy web site that operates in Rwanda. Not only the government policy which is encouraging us to use technology but also the population needs give us no other option than implementing technology in all...

Links: (Hepler and Strand, 1990) In adopting this definition in 1998, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) added one significant amendment: “achieving definite outcomes that improve or maintain a patient’s quality of life”.
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