The Constitution of the Kenyatta University Student's Association

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The Constitution of the Kenyatta University Students’ Association 2010


We, the students of Kenyatta University— • • • • • • • Aware that the organization of students at Kenyatta University was created to serve the student community in its pursuit of academic excellence, social welfare, peace, competitiveness in the job market, and integrity; Exercising our right to determine the form of organization we deem suitable for our association; Determined that the values of transparency, accountability, respect for the rights of students, and social justice shall be institutionalized in our association so as to ensure that democracy is enjoyed by all students; Convinced that this Constitution shall guarantee the continued peaceful existence of the association known as the Kenyatta University Students’ Association; Recognizing the desire of the students to have a constitution that will govern them; Acknowledging the authority of and determined to abide by the Kenyatta University Act, the Statutes of Kenyatta University, and the laws of the Republic of Kenya; Do hereby, with the consent of the University’s Senate, adopt and bind ourselves by this Constitution as the Constitution of the Kenyatta University Students’ Association.

2 Chapter One Name and Purpose

Name Article 01. 1) There shall be a union of Kenyatta University students known as the Kenyatta University Students’ Association, also referred to as KUSA, which, following approval by the University’s Senate, shall be registered with the Kenyatta University Council. 2) The Kenyatta University Students’ Association shall, for all purposes, be abbreviated as KUSA. KUSA’s Scope of Operation Article 02. 1) All Kenyatta University students shall abide by this Constitution. 2) The headquarters of KUSA shall be located at the main campus of Kenyatta University. 3) With the approval of Congress, campuses or institutions declared to be part of Kenyatta University may establish branch offices of KUSA. Aims and Objectives of KUSA Article 03. 1) The aims and objectives of KUSA shall be— a) to establish efficient and effective processes and organs for the making and administration of KUSA’s policies; b) to deepen the members’ sense of duty to our university community, families, and nation; c) to ensure the rights of students in academics, disciplinary actions, administration and health services, catering and accommodation, social welfare services, and security; d) to provide students with suitable opportunities for a healthy social life through the arts, sports, and entertainment; e) to advance gender equity; f) to further the integration of persons with special needs in Kenyatta University and society; g) to liaise with the Directorate of Alumni in enhancing contact with the alumni of Kenyatta University; h) in consultation with the University’s management, to honour members of the student body who have made outstanding contributions to the University in academic and co-curricular activities; i) to develop positive relationships with the general public through participation in community service and other related projects;

3 j) with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, to collaborate with non-political organizations, professional associations, and student groups that share the aims and objectives of KUSA.

4 Chapter Two Membership

Membership Article 04. 1) Any student admitted to Kenyatta University and registered for a course leading to qualification for the award of a certificate, diploma, or degree of the University shall be a member of KUSA. 2) A registered student is one who has paid university fees and registered on-line during the semester. Cessation of Membership Article 05. 1) A member shall cease to be a member of KUSA when he/she ceases to be a student of Kenyatta University. 2) A person who ceases to be a member of KUSA shall not be entitled to a refund of or compensation for any subscription fee, money, or donation made to KUSA. Rights of Members...
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