The Conservation of Wildlife and Their Habitats

Topics: Natural environment, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Wildlife Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Who lives in planet earth?Who created earth?these questions will help us to realise that good created earth for plants,animals and human many selfish self centered and greedy human beings are causing a threat to wildlife in this 21 st century.

The threats to wildlife is firstly,caused by the clearing of jungles.Many wild animals for example tiger,elephant of their ham habit us the jungle.By clearing these jungles,we deprive these animals of their right .There is also poaching of animals.These irresponsible and heartless human beings poach those animals to get rich in an easy way.Thence,money is the root of all evil.Secondly,these is sudden interest in exotic animals.these animals are sold at a very high rate in the black market.In the 21 st century many famous and wealthy people are interested in animal skin to be utilised as shoes,handbag and for clothes.

We as responsible,caring,generous,kind and loving people ,should do something to protect the wildlife.Moreover, our intelligent,diligent and courageous prime minister,Datuk Najib Tun Abdul Razak should impose take immediate action on these disrespect and men loggers.The government must control logging activities.The government must implement programmes to replant these not only by the government but also by the private sector.

Furthermore,the school should also encourage students to plant trees.The authorities should enforce lows to ban illegal hunting.They must impose strict laws to protect the wildlife.I strongly recommend that the Malaysian government impose strict pencilities an smugglers.I suggest that should be put in the jail for twenty years.

In addition,the responsible and respected authorities should ban the trading of life animals such as elephants,snakes.lions. .Please ,have money and kindness towards these animals.The television ,radio and newspapers important role in high lighting these problems.

Finally,as good citizens ,we...
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