The Conflict Management Process: Types of Conflict

Topics: Management, Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, Production and manufacturing Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Conflict Management Process:
Latent conflict: It is the stage in which factors exist in the situation/ environment that may surface at any time. For example limited resources are to be shared by many departments. Potential source of conflict is present in the situation. It can erupt any time.

Perceived conflict: At this stage people are aware that a conflict exists and the other party may frustrate one's goal directed behaviour. For example, if quality manager is heard saying that we need to be more careful in certifying product as we have received many complaints from dealer about quality of the product. Overhearing this conversation production manager may become aware that there is a conflict as our product has to pass stringent quality standards, thus may reduce the volume of production. Thus production manager sees the possibility of development of conflict between the two departments.

Felt conflict: Parties to the conflict are emotionally aware that there is a conflict and they experience stress anxiety, stress, and hostility. Managers of quality and production once called in GM's review meeting , they may feel the waves impending confrontations on production and quality issues and may prepare to state their stands on the conflict mentally. Manifest conflict: At this stage open observable conflict is visible. Quality manager now communicates his concern to production manager regarding the quality. Production manager may react to the same by asking for specific data may or may not tribute to the usage obsolete technology. But the fact is that conflict has come into open.

Conflict aftermath: This is the fifth stage and ranges conflict resolution to group dissolution and group may return to stage one. This is the stage where conflict resolution is attempted and once conflict is some how resolved using various strategies, parties to the conflict reach to stage where they are still left with residual hostility which among other things become a reason...
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