The Confession by John Grisham Analysis

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31 July 2012
My friends had always begged me to read one of John Grisham’s books ever since ninth grade. I just ignored them and read books that seemed to be interesting and adventurous. I then finally caved in and began searching for the perfect John Grisham book that sparked my attention the most. After a day of reading summary after summary, I finally found the perfect one, The Confession! Other summaries did not seem to grab my attention as this one did. And what do you know, The Confession turned out to be one of the best books I have ever read!

John Grisham definitely wrote this book to give his opinion on the death penalty. Without a doubt Grisham is against it. He showed this belief by showing the reader how an innocent man was executed and the real killer was running around. Grisham really hit the nail on the head by stating that the court system was too quick to base accusations and force crimes on a guy who had different skin pigmentation than themselves. This book was a roller coaster ride around the topic of the death penalty.

The Confession teaches the reader that being too quick to accuse a person of doing wrong is never the right thing to do. The officials in this book based Donte Drumm’s trial on the motivation of racism and inequality instead of the search for the truth. Even at the closing of the novel, the officials were too ashamed to admit they executed an innocent man and even tried to hide their mistakes by lying through their teeth by saying they possibly knew Donte had an accomplice. They were way too quick to accuse the wrong guy.

Giving up can lead to regrets, so never give up no matter the circumstances, another theme in The Confession. This is exactly what Keith Schroeder and Robbie Flak did in this novel. Keith, risking his preaching career, helped Travis Boyette jump his parole to save an innocent man’s life six hours away. Keith stayed strong through the whole scenario. Robbie Flak was Donte Drumm’s lawyer and...
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