The Conception of Time in Different Culture

Topics: English language, Person, Psychology Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: May 12, 2012
Cultures differ in time conception and have different ways of organizing and using time. The time conception of westerners is strong and they really cherish time. They believe time is money, so appointment should be respected and adhered to and personal ties must be subject to timetable, that is, nothing or no one can change the scheduled arrangement. In the daily life, they often elaborate arrangement and plan early and formed a good habit for appointments on time. In the English-speaking countries, the visit must be noticed and arranged, and the visit can be conducted after the visiting purpose, time and location being agreed. But for Chinese, time is flexible and should be subject to personal ties, so they can do many things at a time and appointments are not adhered to strictly. In personal interaction, Chinese people usually do not make advance appointments before a visit and even if they do, they don’t perceive appointments as iron-clad commitments; instead, personal interaction and relationship development are far more important than making appointments or meeting deadlines. Chinese people generally do not according to a plan strictly as westerners. Normally, they would be half all hour later or even longer when they participate in some activities. But in recent years, Chinese time conception has been changed greatly. As the development of society, China raymond mill and flotation separator industry has made significant progress, the pace of people’s life has speeded up. In government offices or public services clerks usually serves one person at a time. In business context business people lay much emphasis on punctuality and promptness. For native English speakers, they promote great importance to liberty and equality. There is a popular saying: “If working hard, even cowboy can be president.” Tor every member of the society, their rights of liberty and equality can be guaranteed by Independent Declaration officially. In the mind of native English...
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