The Concept of the Flat World

Topics: Best Buy, The World Is Flat, Outsourcing Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: July 6, 2012
The concept of the flat world according to Thomas Friedman is how, due to recent technology developed in the 21st century, geographic boundaries disappear and cause the world to be metaphorically “flat”. Communication across the globe is easier and more efficient, and also allows people around the world access to information with just a few clicks. Mr. Friedman talks about ten concepts that create his flat world theory. The important event of the Collapse of the Berlin Wall

Another factor of the flat world is allowed the people of Berlin to access the outside world. Before the collapse of the wall, the citizens under the communist rule were not allowed to view or be a part of the rest of the world. When it fell, the people were able to see how the world had progressed with new technology, and they were finally allowed to communicate with other people around the world. This took world communication to a whole new level. Netscape. Released on August, 9th in 1995, this up to date search engine and internet provider gave more people access to the web and provided easier communication across the globe. Everyone could get hold of any piece of information they needed efficiently and easily. Workflow software was also a factor of the newly flattened world. In his book, Friedman relates the story of how an animation was produced with eight teams in different parts of the world. Shows can be recorded in parts over the internet and compiled with a computer to form a full production. Uploading is when programs are developed by computer experts or common people and uploaded instead of creating a file from the top down. Outsourcing Another factor contributing to the flat world is offshoring. is also a major contributing factor to the flat world concept. Companies are able to build up their resources by outsourcing functions from other places around the world, which may cost less than using products and resources locally, which would be more expensive. Offshoring is when,...
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