The concept of leadership

Topics: Leadership, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, Charismatic authority Pages: 5 (1482 words) Published: March 22, 2014
Assessment item 1
The Concept of Leadership
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This is an online task. Students will be placed in small groups. Each student must post a response to the three questions given. Students are encouraged to comment on other postings.  The task comprises a discussion where you will respond to at least three questions. The questions will be posted online on the MGT367 Interact site. Rationale

This assessment will help you to understand the concept of leadership and the role of leaders. It will also assist your learning by interacting with other students. The assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:

be able to demonstrate an understanding of the chaotic nature of organisations and the wider environment, and the ambiguities and paradoxes this creates; be able to demonstrate an understanding of the work of the manager and leader within this context, with particular reference to change be able to demonstrate an understanding of the movement from mechanistic to holistic management and leadership structures Questions

How does this story help you understand the concept of leadership and the role of leaders? There were several examples in ‘Creating a picture of leadership – Uruguayan Rugby Team’ of the concepts and roles of leaders. Further research on Wikipedia,, Stanford Business School (Alfredo Algtora) and the BBC’s coverage in 1972 revealed more. Having lost the majority of the senior crew understandably Marcelo Perez, the captain of the team assumed group leadership. He had the natural traits of a figurehead in a time of fear and anxiety shock as only 27 survived the following few days. After eight days, they heard the search was abandoned on a makeshift radio built by the creative Roy Harley, all survivors assumed dead. At this moment the actions of Perez’s followers, Nando Parrado and Gustavo Nicolich inspired a shared direction to rescue each other despite initial despair. Later, two terrifying avalanches injured several survivors, killing Perez and the plane mechanic. The leadership of Harley and Carlos Paez saved several survivors, including Parrado, who teamed together to save more from the wreckage. In the moments after the avalanche it was again the leadership and actions of Parrado that acted as a vision for hope and self-rescue. Quickly applying his technical knowledge to a life and death situation he saved lives. The avalanche survivors adapted to their roles in closely knit teams; the Strauch Triumvirate’s role was governing leadership, burdened by the dissatisfaction and frustration of anthropophagy; the diehard auxiliaries managed and mobilized daily tasks; the activity team helped with tasks; and the diehard expeditionaries rested and searched. Although the Triumvirate had naturally assumed leadership, it was for their role as a close knit family group, as they were seen themselves as being much like everyone else. The expeditionaries played a key leadership role to maintain a socialised power balance with the Triumvirate and collective in a form of flexible leadership. Are some people the leader type & some not so? If so what in your judgement distinguishes them? The Uruguayan rugby team provide a meaning for socialised power, flexible leadership and group membership in a deadly environment. They demonstrated traits of effect leaders and followers to survive 72 days, and leadership effectiveness in those that walked out of the Andes. Perez was a stabilising figurehead with a group relationship that had a deep team spirit and determination to survive. He influenced individuals to orderly form teams for the daily routines until they would be rescued. Eduardo Strauch had the traits of a general leader and negotiator constrained within the wreckage and extreme climate. He was a personable, intelligent (cognitive), and calm but...
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