The Concept, Content and Nature of Contemporary Global Issues

Topics: Sociology, Globalization / Pages: 3 (582 words) / Published: Dec 23rd, 2012
The concept, content and nature of contemporary global issues

One of the characteristic features of the modern world - the aggravation of global problems, which by their nature extend beyond the interests of different classes and social systems, and the resolution of which depends crucially on the future, in fact the very existence of humanity. The term "global problems" entered the international lexicon in the second half of the 60's, it comes from the Latin word "globe" - that is the Earth. By its nature, global problems are different: the threat of nuclear war to the environmental disaster, the growing division of the world into "rich" and "poor" countries and peoples to the depletion of traditional perspective and the need to find new energy sources. In today's scientific work took shape a particular line of research of common human problems - global studies. In the world, for example, is published annually by 15-18 thousand works on the analysis of only environmental problem. Global problems attracting and attracted more and more attention of scientists. How much will be fruitful scientific analysis of global conflicts and the effectiveness of interventions to address them, the prospects of social progress depends on the threshold of the third millennium. In order to complete analysis of the topic in the first place will be considered the concept of "global issues." According to various estimates now produce up to three dozen different types of global issues. Therefore, we should not focus on any single criterion or criteria of globality, and the system of criteria, at least for several integral factors combine such disparate issues, the term "global". Among some of the domestic and foreign researchers in the 70 years it was widely believed that the necessary and sufficient condition for the recognition of the problem of "global" is the concomitant threat to humans and humanity in general. Others as the main criterion of globality took geographical extent

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