The Complexity of Choice

Topics: Soul, Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild Pages: 3 (1669 words) Published: November 5, 2014
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The Complexity of Choice
In modern society, everyone must go on a quest to find and develop the type of person they hope to be. We attempt to achieve the “self” envisioned for ourselves. Unfortunately, most people give up and are never able to achieve the “self”.There are many ways to describe the self. The self can be interchangeably used to describe the soul. The soul is our inner being and is with us, even after death. Some believe that we develop our sense of self over time. For Juhani Pallasmaa, he believes that we only need to make slight adjustments to our current environment and become further in tune with our senses to have our own identity established. In his essay, The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses, Pallasmaa goes into great detail about how lighting can either enhance our thinking or paralyze it .Additionally, how shadows are able to slip into our subconscious and be able to enhance our thinking abilities. On the other hand, Malcom Gladwell takes a different approach in his essay, The Power of Context. Gladwell claims that the sense is developed primarily by what we consider the inconsequential specifics of our surroundings. Gladwell strongly deems the environment to be key developing factor in molding our sense of self. Furthermore, Jon Krakauer writer of Selections From into the Wild, believes that our environment can have an effect on ourselves but that our own free will is the absolute factor in what aim to be. All three authors have different aspects, but in the end all attempting to get the same point across. Our environment and our free will are the key factors in developing the sense of self. The dilemma occurs when one begins to gain more influence than the over. Malcolm Gladwell is able to upkeep Palllasmaa’s concept of shadows and lighting with his profound knowledge of the power of context. Jon Krakauer is able to maintain Gladwell’s ideas in the sense that the minor details are what count with his...
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