The Comparison of the Eastern and Western Religions

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Hinduism, God, Buddhism, Reincarnation / Pages: 2 (453 words) / Published: Sep 24th, 2012
The differences and similarities between the Eastern, Buddhism and Hinduism, and the Western, Christanity and Judiasm, religious traditions had a cultural impact on the society during 1000 B.CE. to 600 C.E.

The Eastern religions each had their own cultural impact on society. Hinduism reinforced the caste system, offering hope for an improved lifestyle. Hinduism also started the path of recarnation, the other eastern rileigion, Buddhism, also shared the concept of recarnation with Hinduism, but in a differnet perspective. One of the reasons of popularity of Buddhism was its acceptance of men and women from all ranks of society. The Western religions also impacted society in there own way. Judaism was a monotheism religion which led the path for Christrianity. One of the reasons Christrianity became so popular, was because of its appeal to all social classes,especially the poor. The differences between the Eastern and Western religions are that the Eastern religious believe in recarnation. Hinduism beleive that if you do good in your current life, you will have good karma and when you are reincarnated you will move up in the caste system. Buddhism has a similar concept, they believe that a seris of reincarnation would lead a faithful follower to higher levels toward the ultimate goal, nirvana, or a divine essence. The Western religions dont belive in recarnation. They believe that they live one life and when they die, they go to heaven. In Judaism the people beileve that they are God's chosen people and that they aotamically go to heaven. In christianty the people believe that they have to believe that God sent a savior , Jesus, as a messaih to get into heaven.

The similarites between the Eastern and Western religions are that both beleive in some type of afterlife. The Eastern religions believee in recarnation after death and the Western religions believe in heaven after death. Another similarity between the Eastern and Western religions is

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