The Comparison of Sula Peace and Claudia Macteer

Topics: Family, Abuse, Toni Morrison Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: November 22, 2011
In The Bluest Eye, Claudia MacTeer narrates the story of her childhood and how she grew up in racism. Morrison shows how it was both hard and easy to grow up as a black during those times. She describes how the blacks’ suffering is never resolved during the time span of the book. In this novel, she and her family take in Pecola Breedlove, a girl whose family is destroyed by her father’s bad drinking habits. Throughout the story, they treat her as if she belongs and does not acknowledge her ‘ugliness’ as much as she does. The hard times of the blacks force them to suffer from insecurity but with the family and stability of her home, Claudia was able to deal with the situation a lot better than Pecola. Although she copes with the treatment from the whites, she still despises their race and when given a white baby doll, she destroys it to show her dislike for whites. Claudia is a very, protective, and caring. She sticks by Pecola and Freida’s, her younger sister, side as if they were her own children. She knows that she must take up for her kind since no one else will. When she finds out that Pecola is being bullied by boys, she takes it upon herself to take up for Pecola by intimidating one the boys that are bullying her. Claudia is a very, protective, and caring. When she and Freida find that Pecola is pregnant, they sacrifice material things in their lives in order to support her as well as pray for her. In this novel, Pecola goes through so much pain, both within herself and others that it drives her crazy, literally. Claudia, who was better understanding of the circumstances, had no problem at all with dealing with her lifestyle although she may have preferred better.

Sula, although very different from Claudia MacTeer, is does have one similarity. They both focus on the poor treatment of blacks in back then. In Sula, Sula, the main character, is introduced as a child. Morrison describes how she was raised in a very chaotic home and would have rather stayed at...
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