The Comparison of "First Poem for You" by Kim Addonizio and "With Eyes Closed" by Octavio Paz

Topics: Poetry, Love, Guggenheim Fellows Pages: 3 (1220 words) Published: June 14, 2009
The Comparison of “First Poem for You” by Kim Addonizio and “With Eyes Closed” (“Con los Ojos Cerrados”) by Octavio Paz

Is love really blind or just an obsession in the mind? In the sonnet written by Kim Addonizio; titled “First Poem for You” and “With Eyes Closed” (“Con Los Ojos Cerrados”) written by Octavio Paz are similar to one another, as they describe their intense love for someone or something both created in darkness. However, both poems may describe different kinds of love. Love described by Addonizio as “terrifying” in Line 13, unlike Paz whom described his experience in Lines 7 and 8 “We have become enormous/ just knowing each other”. Their experiences of love might have felt the same, but was experienced in totally two different worlds. “With Eyes Closed” (“Con Los Ojos Cerrados”) was originally created in Spanish and translated in English. This poem is about an intense connection between the writer and someone or something in his life. The writer developed this poem through experience and touch from a relationship that increased it’s strength night after night. Paz’s words show how fond he was of the subject he describes so easily. He freely expresses how grand it is to know this person, place or thing.

Addonizio also describes a relationship in her poem “First Poem for You”, in which her words unfold a vivid experience of someone that she has an intense love connection with. Her words reveal the strong desire she has for this someone. Through touch and memory, she is able to describe her experience in detail. Addonizio’s passion is released by reminiscing back the time she spent with this person. Her feelings are so strong that she is not afraid to free her words for the world to see. You are able to identify her focus as a person through her detailed description throughout the entire poem. She uses key words such as “heart.., pulsing.., nipple.., shoulder and pictures in your skin”. It is easy to assume that both poets absorbed the...
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