The Comparative Advantage of Using Electric Tricycle to Motorized Tricycle as a Public Vehicle

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Automobile, Petroleum Pages: 9 (2500 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Chapter 1

Problem and Its Setting

Background of the Study

“The atmosphere is already menaced: several harmful substances are changing their composition, with possible catastrophic consequences.” This is according to an article written by Dieter Schwab (2004). And this is also the reason why global warming or more-correctly climate change is a hot topic these days.

Needles to say, the main culprit allegedly for the acceleration of this global climate scenario is the unstoppable expansion of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide which is mostly emitted by the current polluting modes of public transportation is estimated to cause 60 percent of this warming phenomenon. Every time a person uses a gasoline in his car, Carbon dioxide is released. Every time a person becomes a passenger even just in tricycle transportation CO2 is created. (Tacio, H., Sun Star Davao, June 20, 2005). And it has been noted that carbon dioxide emission is expected to triple in the next 20 years coming mainly from the transport sector. That’s why sustainable transport and clean energy utilization are considered key measures that can help mitigate global warming as well as build more climate resilient communities.

In New Delhi, India, a statement from the India’s popular engineer who pioneered India’s first electric car: “With the growing climate change awareness, our world is at the tipping point for electric cars. Electric cars, as called in some other countries are the latest innovation in technology that is considered as the best solution to the many issues that the transportation machines are facing now-a-days. ( Aside from carbon emission that making highly industrialized and greatly developed countries like China and US as the World’s biggest carbon emitter, transportation machines also face the issues of expensive consumption of fuels and high cost of maintenance. (France-Presse, A., Sunday Times, 2009)

In the Philippines, with the jeepneys as their popular mode of local transportation plus the increasing number of tricycles scattering in every corner of the streets, it is no doubt that they too are facing the same dilemma when it comes to environmental issues. That is why, with the launching of the electronic-powered jeepney in one of its city, every citizen were one of mind in encouraging the complete development and use of the said machine. (Yap, D.,,2007)

In addition, with the skyrocketing of the fuel’s prices, Makati Mayor Jojo Binay, as posted by the DJ Yap on the same site, believes that this electronic jeepney will help increase the income of transportation drivers by removing their expenditures for diesel. And with no more need of clutch and oil changes, maintenance and spare parts will be very minimal, thus giving drives the chance to increase their income.

Meanwhile, in Davao City, though it is far less polluted than other cities in the archipelago, still, air pollution from the increasing numbers of public and private transportations and as well as from the rapid growth of numbers of tricycles within the area, is still visible. With 234,379 carbon-emitting vehicles ( running on its highways and a lot more in its every streets, it is no wonder that Councilor Pilar Braga, Chairman of Energy and Transportation and Communication, as reported by Grace L. Plata, proposes the demonstration and public-test and use of e-jeepney in the city. She cited that e-jeepney is a very viable solution and addition to cut carbon emission as well as help in lightening the load of our fellowmen by decreasing their expanses in gasoline and maintenance.

On the other hand, with the advent of this new technology, it is of no surprise that there are still a lot of people of who are afraid to change the old ways of things. They may seem to be excited to try the news trends but they are still hesitant to completely adopt it, thus causing them to...
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