The Communitisation in Nagaland : a Unique Experiment in Empowering People

Topics: Health care, Elementary school, Primary education Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Essential parameters in elementary education, enrolment, reduction in the dropout rates, the pass percentage as well as the attendance of the teachers in the primary schools marked a quantum rise in Nagaland between 2002 to 2004. So also is the case in the efficiency of the village health service delivery system measured in terms of number of child and adult patients visiting health centers in rural Nagaland, improvement in the staff attendance, visit of the medical officers and even in the staff attitude. All this is reflected in a report by the UNICEF on the impact assessment of cummunitisation of public institutions and services in Nagaland. The unique scheme for involving the community was conceived under the stewardship of the then Chief Secretary of the State Shri R. S.Pandey and was launched after the passage of an Act namely Nagaland Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services Act in 2002. Initially. the scheme focused on three very important areas : Elementary education, Grass root health services and Electricity management. The experiment evolved from the need to revitalize the massive welfare infrastructure and vast network of delivery services set up by the government which had become ineffective and dysfunctional. It is based on the philosophy of communitisation as an alternative to privatization as well as management by government. This philosophy attempts to combine the best of both approaches by substituting the private profit motive with enlightened collective self interest. It holds among other tenets, that when the empowered are not adequately motivated to perform, it makes sense to empower the motivated. In a sense it was an attempt to reinvent the welfare state, What is Communitisation?

Communitisation consists of a unique partnership between the government and the community involving transfer of ownership of public resources and assets, control over...
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