The Commodification

Topics: Kidney, Poverty, Wealth Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: June 20, 2013
“Commodification” is the tendency that things can be bought and sold by a price. In this case, it gives four kinds of commodification examples. The first one is baby adopting. There are more and more people want to adopt a baby, and the baby market formed, those people will pay money to buy a baby from the people who want to get money by selling baby. The second thing that people would like to commodify is body parts like kidney. There are more people want to get kidney than the donors willing to donate for free. Therefore, Americans pay money to buy the kidney from poor people in developing country. Also, if the sex and hard drug can be commodified in free market are another two problems that discuss in this case. Since more and more people want the government to allow open sale of these commodities, this topic which it is moral or not is hot to be discussed. In this case study, I will focus on the body part (kidney). The major dilemma is whether the kidney can be sold and bought in free market is moral or not. In my opinion, the stakeholders involved in this topic are people want to get kidney, people will donate the kidney or will sale it by price, the government that should allow to commodify kidney or not and also those people who will buy the kidney at lower price from poor country and sell it at higher to rich people. About the main question here that commodification of kidneys is moral or not, some people may argue that it is moral to commodify the body parts like kidneys, which is benefit to both side of buyer and seller. They both can get what they need, It looks like“win-win”. However, somebody objects to it and debates that it is immoral because everyone is equal, the body parts like kidney is precious, which should not be treated as a commodity to deal. To those people who is really need the kidney to survive, some people who can donate their kidney may increase the price. The donating body part will never be a sign that people present the...
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