The Color Purple Film vs Novel

Topics: The Color Purple, Steven Spielberg, Film director Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
The abuse and rape scenes were reduced in the film compared to the book. The rating should be considered when the movie was released, so it had to reduce the rape or abuse scenes in the movie, and also the film maker had to consider the audience since some could feel uncomfortable about those scenes. •Unlike in the book, Shug and Celie do not talk about god in the movie. While God plays a big role in book because all of Celie’s letters are addressed to God, in the movie, it is shown that Celie believes in God but nothing more. The movie has more focused on the story of each character, so there was not enough space to describe the Celie’s thought towards God. •In the book, I could learn more about Nettie’s life along with Celie’s, while in the movie, it is more focused on Celie’s side of the story. Since movie has to show the whole story in the limited time, rather than cutting the main story around Celie, the story of Nettie is reduced in the movie. •The relationship between Shug and Celie is described more important and detailed in the book since Celie could change her view towards herself through the relationship with Shug. In contrast, their relationships were less described in the movie since the movie released in 1985, it was hard to freely show the sexual relationship between two women in the movie. •A difference in the movie from the book is that after Celie leaves Albert, her life as a free woman is not described compared to the book. There is just one scene which shows Celie and her shop in the movie while it more shows Albert’s life after Celie left him. I think this is due to a lack of time on the movie, and film director chose to move his view from Celie to Albert. •There is a difference between the movie's ending and book’s. In the book, Albert changes and develops a friendship with Celie. On the other hand, there is no friendship developed between Celie and Albert, also Celie's forgiveness toward Albert and...
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