The Color Precious

Topics: The Color Purple, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: December 12, 2012
“The Color Precious”

"Precious" by Lee Daniels, and "The Color Purple" by Steven Spielberg, display struggles on various occasions but also presents what happens when you weather the storm. Daniels presents a main character whose relationship seems to prosper from confidence and direction, while Spielberg seems to demonstrate overcoming struggles by backbreaking work and patience. Despite this difference, the movies allow for aspiration that its possible to overcome for a better outcome. However, is it possible to weather the storm long enough to come out of a atrocious situation? Matters not how awful it may be the desire to want to become more comes from ones self.

In the movie "Precious" directed by Lee Daniels based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire is about a girl who is only 16yrs old goes by the name "Precious" who lives in New York City in the ghetto side of "Harlem" with her abusive mother "Mary". Precious was raped by her disgusting father who ended up with two pregnancies. The family depends on Welfare since Mary is unemployed. Because of her second pregnancy the school she once attended decided to send her to another school in which she met a new teacher and friends, Ms. Blu is the one who teaches her how to read, write and understand so many things in life. In the movie it shows how with the care of the Ms. Blu and Precious new friends she made in the class "Each One Teach One" from going to having a baby on your kitchen floor to having it on a bed at a hospital. From feeling invisible in a classroom to communicating with everyone and feeling there. From being able to talk to someone after being almost killed by your mother it's just comforting. Ms. Blu not only just teach Precious many meaningful things she was also there helping her get through so many things she was dealing with, she gave her a place to stay, teach her, fed her even helped her with Precious son "Abdul". Ms. Blu a educated lady who was a teacher own a house and was...
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