The Cold War policy of Containment

Topics: Barack Obama, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, United States Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Today we are living our everyday life with a leader, who no one actually knows anything about him. There is a lot of stuff this man cautiously lies about and what about the fact that no has seen his birth certificate does that not seem to bother anyone? And what about all the mysterious funds, In the bid for his presidency Obama got millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions, many from foreign sources. $33,000 came from the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza. Phone banks were set up in Gaza to solicit donations. At least $500,000 was received from foreign sources that were not identified, and report being “not employed”. No one seems to know also that Barack Hussein Obama was renamed Barry Soetoro and at age six, he was enrolled to first grade with that name. There was also no record that “Barry Soetoro” ever officially changed his citizenship back to American, so he may currently remain an Indonesia Citizen. In 1971, at age 10 Barry Soetoro was sent by his mother to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii. While growing up in Hawaii, he meets Frank Marshall Davis: a journalist, poet, self-avowed Communist, labor union activist and friend of his grandparents. He then became a “mentor”. Berry then leaves Hawaii. He allegedly attended Occidental College in Los Angeles. Only the account from friends proves he was there, he has never released any transcripts, writing or records of his time at Occidental. It has been alleged that while at Occidental, he used the name Barry Soetoro and was registered as a student if Indonesia. California Assembly records suggest that he received a state grant as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Berry’s friends from Occidental include three Pakistanis named Wahid Hamid, Sohale Siddiqi, and Mohammed Hassan Chandoo. Obama and Hamid travel to Pakistan in 1981. The purpose of their trip remains unknown. After 2 years, Barry leaves Occidental he allegedly attends Columbia University in New York City. Only the accounts of...
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