The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Mareting Assignment

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Individual Assignment of International Marketing:

* Executive Summary:

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is one of the trading companies of the largest coffee and tea in the world. We have over 850 stores in 23 countries.
We always aim was to create the kind of the best coffee and tea to offer to consumers.
We are proud to have raw materials are grown and processed according to the most stringent standards. Besides, we always have a team of managers and staffs are trained all the way.
While there are some restrictions to business processes such as competitors, the external environmental factors, but we always try to maintain the brand is one of the famous coffee and tea on world.

* Introduction:
In 1963, Herbert B. Hyman started The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. With passion, he began looking for a good cup of coffee and tea in the world, making him to become the founder of gourmet coffee in California. After more than 40 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has become one of the largest private companies in the world coffee trade. Over the years, the company has created strong relationship with the farm, ensuring there will always have fresh coffee and tea for the best customer service. Since its establishment, the company is proud to be one of the searches for the best coffee and tea in the world. Currently, the company offers over 20 coffees and 20 teas in accordance with the needs of each consumer. Coffee and tea are roasted fresh daily and delivered to the store to deliver to consumers. Today, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has more than 850 locations in 23 countries.

As a marketing director, I intend to bring The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (sometimes shortened to simply "The Coffee Bean" or "Coffee Bean" or “CBTL”) into other Asean countries. The first country I choose to develop our business is Vietnam, because Vietnam is a high potential market.

* Current Market Situation:
* Market review:
Every day there are nearly 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed. This is the fifth most widely traded around the world. More and more people favored form of coffee house. Because of the convenient, time-saving, clean, polite, while ensuring the quality and taste of coffee. Because coffee is a potential market can be highly profitable. It has attracted many investors. Coffee Bean is one of the big business in this area, as evidenced by the number of stores Coffee Bean always increased every year. (unknown, 2011)

* Product review:
The Coffee Bean products are highly appreciated for the quality of products by consumers. When asked to name the three largest coffee and tea brands in Singapore, The Coffee Bean is one of the three brands mentioned first with 63% of the total. Although, only the second in the survey. But this has shown CBTL capable high brand recall. (unknown,

* Competitive review:
Starbucks is the strongest competitors of CBTL. In the survey showed that Starbucks is the first brand consumers think (Starbucks topped the survey with 77%), CBTL second with 63% (unknown, This shows that Starbucks has occupied an important position in the consumer's choice. Quality and price of Starbucks are equivalent CBTL. The reason Starbucks topped the charts due to the number and the distribution of more than CBTL.

* Channel review:
First, CBTL target components customers are young. For young people, coffee is a very popular and almost the first choice for them when they need a place to meet and chat with friends. Because space where consistent with the youth and also cheap. Second, CBTL target is those who work. These employees are often busy. They want to have a cup of coffee but do not spend a lot of time. CBTL will ensure their satisfaction. Furthermore, it is also a place for them to discuss the job. * SWOT Analysis:

* Strengths:

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