The Code of Hammurabi

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: November 28, 2005
The Code of Hammurabi
An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. That is what the Code of Hammurabi is trying to get across. After reading the Code, all I could think about was "What if that is what the laws were like now in the United States?" I don't think that the people would act in the manner that they do now. I believe that the codes would be useful in a way but they are also not very realistic if u really think about it.

If we used the codes today in the United States I think that there would be a lot more people being faithful in their marriages. In law number one hundred twenty nine it states: "If the wife of a man be taken lying with another man, they shall bind then and throw them into the water. If the husband of the woman would save his wife, or if the king would save his male servant (he may)." This code is saying that if a woman cheats on her husband and gets caught, than they will tie up the woman and the man that she had cheated with and throw them to the bottom of the lake. If the husband goes in after the woman than she can go back home and she will be forgiven. But if he chooses not to go in after her, than she will die at the bottom of the lake with the man she cheated with. The king may also choose to go in after the man, but again if he chooses not to then the man will drown. I think that if we used a law like this in this day in age, there would be so many more marriages that would last, because honestly who wants to be thrown to the bottom of the river for cheating on their husband. I wouldn't want to die in the bottom of the Kankakee River. And I also wouldn't expect my husband to jump in after me to save my life after what I had done to him. But it would make people think about if they are really in love with the person and really want to get married before they actually do it. I think that divorce rates would decrease. This is about the only one that I actually agree with though.

In almost all of the codes, the ending result is...
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