the clod and the pebble

Topics: Duke, Allen Ginsberg, William Blake Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: January 31, 2015
The Clod & the Pebble
William Blake uses the representation of “Clod” and “Pebbles” to symbolise types of lovers in a relationship. He creates a metaphor of two items that are found in similar places to link the two items together and also to link them to different types of people .The first verse is from the point of view of the Clod. Clod is like clay or mud; it is easily shaped or moulded so it will change itself to fit the demands of the Pebble. “Love seeketh not itself to please” This shows that the role of the cold is to satisfy the other person in the relationship, i.e. the Pebble. Consequently as the Clod believes that this is its role, this makes the Clod end up losing its identity as a person as they are changing themselves to be what the Pebble wants; as a result they are not being true to themselves. Blake also writes “But for another gives it ease” This shows that the Clod only wants to give and do all the work in the relationship and doesn’t want anything in return or to get anything out of it. In verse 2 the narrator speaking and commenting on the clod as weak and “trodden with the cattle’s feet” which gives the image of the Clod being walked all over and easily pushed around, also like a “door mat” which will take anything from the pebble. He then goes onto write that the Pebble is the opposite of the Clod and is “Warbled out these metres meet” which means that the Pebble is very opinionated. This verse shows the contrast of the two types of lovers and shows that the narrator does not agree with either of these views from the Clod or the Pebble and that neither of their relationships are truly going to work. The 3rd verse is from the point of view from the Pebble. A Pebble is hard, cold and not easily changed which is the complete opposite of the Clod. The Pebble is seen as the dominant person in the relationship and is stubborn so he expects obedience and to get what he wants. The Pebble does not look for love but embraces and expects to be...
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