The Climate of Rajasthan

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Table of the Climate of Rajasthan:|
January to March (winters)
Extending from December to March is the winter season. The coldest month of the season is January. The temperature ranges from 10° C to 27° C. However, there may be considerable difference in the maximum and minimum temperatures.| 50F - 80F| | 10°C - 27°C|

| 4MM - 7MM|
April to June (summer)
The hottest season of Rajasthan, summer, extends from April to June. The temperature in this season ranges from 32° C to 45° C. The only place in Rajasthan that is a little cool in summers is the hill station, Mt Abu. However, the nights in Rajasthan are pretty cool, with the night temperature falling considerably.| 75F - 105F| | 32°C - 45°C|

| 11MM - 30MM|
July to September (monsoon)
During the period of July to September, lies the monsoon. The temperature ranges from 35° C to 40° C. The state receives approximately 90% of its annual rainfall in this season only. It is the most humid season in Rajasthan.| 70F - 95F| | 35°C - 40°C|

| 100MM - 165MM|
October to December (post monsoon)
From October to November is the post monsoon season. The average maximum temperature ranges between 33° C to 38° C, and the minimum is between 18° C and 20° C.| 55F - 85F| | 18°C - 38°C|
| 3MM - 8MM|

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