The city planners

Topics: Poetry, City, House Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: November 13, 2013
In ‘The City Planners’ the writer uses an unusual metaphor to express how she views the suburbs and how she feels that everything on the outside has gone undetected because there are various imperfections that nobody notices, but yet the suburbs still seem perfect to the people residing there. This is shown by the quote ‘ When the houses, capsize obliquely into clay seas, gradual as glaciers.’ The words ‘ capsize obliquely’ give off negative connotations such as the houses collapsing and falling apart, but the word ‘obliquely’ shows that its humans that are causing this amount of destruction. Obliquely’ means in a slanted way, this suggests that the sea is imperfect unlike everything else in the city, this may suggest that people are using nature by polluting it to cause it to be lop-sided and imperfect. The term ‘ gradual as glaciers’ alludes that nature will take over but it’s a slow process and its often gone unnoticed in everyday life. The alliteration emphasizes the effect on remembrance of the fact that nature is taking over, and that’s what the poet wants her readers to remember, because she despises the ‘so called’ perfection that is suburbia. Consequently, the word ‘glaciers’ give off emotionless implications to nature, because glaciers are known for being cold and harmful because they can cause shipwrecks to humans and man-made objects such as ships, it feels like this is nature’s way of getting back at humans for trying to compete with it, another interpretation of this could be ice generally slows things down, the poet writes ‘gradual as glaciers’ because humans keep cutting down trees and building new infrastructure, so nature has been forced to move as such a pace, this is reassured when earlier in the poem it says ‘ sanitary trees’ this makes the poet feel as if humans have forced nature to be clean even though nature was intended to be dirty.
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