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The City of Dreams

By asandoval1 Oct 18, 2012 508 Words
The City of Dream

Bright lights, massive crowds of people, a whole new perspective of life was all I could think about as I tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Anxiety and nervousness flooded my body, like water rushing into city streets after a hurricane. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown, but it was a good feeling. A feeling of anticipation; it was the night before my trip to New York and I was ready to experience the “City of Dreams” for myself. Ready to accomplish my goals and begin my journey of success. My vivid dreams were becoming a reality.

Growing up I went through a lot of rocky points in my life. I was born in Honduras which is predominantly a poor country, where being able to have two meals a day was a daily struggle. I got tired of growing older and constantly watching my family go through hardship to survive. I remember distinctly moving to the United States and hearing people talk about New York as the city of dreams. Talking as if it was this “ imaginative destination” where once you touch its grounds anything was possible, this is the place where I needed to be. New York became my inspiration.

New York is one the most populous destinations in the world. Filled with so many diverse people, cultures, and businesses from all over. History remains all over the state within the well known land marks. Many ideas flooded my mind of how I wanted to leave a piece of my soul within the heart of New York. Laying in my bed overwhelmed with joy and the possibilities that lie ahead, I finally drifted off into a dormant state of mind. I arrived to this “imaginative destination”, my feet at the base of these immense structures’, I looked up as they got lost within the clouds. People rushing by, the smell of hot dogs being made, the sounds of taxis honking, accentuated the feeling I lived in my dreams. The city filled my soul with inspiration. Every moment was spontaneous. I felt like every day I was in pursuit of a new adventure to live, a new chapter to begin, and an old chapter to end. I explored all the possibilities, from walking to Chinatown to getting lost in Brooklyn. I met lots of new people, where I inherited a new culture. As days went by, I explored more and more. I traveled to different parts of the city. I Also got my first experience going on a train crossing over to go to New Jersey. I felt like taking this trip made me realize of the different opportunities that are waiting for me, and not to be scared to explore a different environment; change is not always bad. As my trip approaches the end, I realized how one trip would change me in many ways. New York was my metamorphosis. The trip helped me realize that by having a different mindset I could make any of my dreams a reality.

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