The Circle of Life - Belonging

Topics: Human, Emotion, Life Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: March 23, 2011
From the day we arrived on the planet, it was depicted evidently that the human race was meant to maintain the essence of mankind collectively, rather than setting ourselves apart. It is this connectedness and shared strength that creates sustained relationships between people, and eliminates individual vulnerability. It is the idea that we were all to belong. The image of an adolescent lost and standing alone in an isolated forest, faced with a large barrier, blocking their way to the unwinding path of life, removes the spirit of self-confidence and chivalrous emotions. Instead, the person is presented with fear and loneliness. All it takes is a group of trusting hands to reach out to their soul, and guide them over the wall towards a strong sense of belonging with others, and into a more supportive and integrated society. The feeling of inclusion and acceptance within a community is essential for the construction of relationships and in creating a less hostile world for everyone. Blackballing versus Belonging

“Great transformation and discovery of relationships become possible when belonging is sheltered and true.” Genuine interactions amongst people undoubtedly enhance and contribute to a sense of belonging. In order to experience belonging through a relationship, whether it be a marriage, friendship, or through a family environment, you must be willing to place your trust and belief within another human being or beings, to achieve a favourable outcome, and have the sensation of

feeling embraced and wanted. Conversely, when this is not the case, and you choose to be separated from people or reluctant in allowing your personality to be noticed by others, this results in an unstable lifestyle. Through this, your emotional health and well-being becomes disturbed, and a sense of dishonesty within your mind and heart becomes apparent. It is a proven fact, that when one purposely excludes themself from interactions within society, this contributes to an...
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