The Cider House Rules

Topics: Abortion, Abandonment, The Cider House Rules Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: April 14, 2014
The Cider House Rules
“The Cider House Rules” is a very fascinating movie, adapted by John Irving. The movie was cast in the mid 1940s, shortly after the beginning of World War II . The movie revolves around an orphanage run by Dr. Wilbur Larch (Michael Caine), a good-hearted doctor, who not only procures abortion of unwanted children but also take care of abandoned infants into his friendly orphanage until the children become mature enough to be adopted. The Cedar House of Rules title comes from a list of rule and regulation found in the apple orchard. These are rule that are not established by migrants who are expected to follow and obey them. The title, however, serves as a metaphor from Homer’s situation. For instance, as a discipline, Dr. Larch expects Homer to obey the rules imposed on him by an outsider. Dr. Wilbur Larch ensures that the orphans in his orphanage are taken good care of as if the orphanage is their real home. In the orphanage, Dr. Wilbur Larch ensures that children are entertained by showing them movies, recites poems, read to the infants at bedtime and wishes them a good night, when the time comes for sleep. Nonetheless, the children in the orphanage appear very eager to be adopted. They keep asking themselves when their would-be parents will come to adopt them from the orphanage. Services at Odds

Two services are definitely absurd and at odds with each other in the movie. On one hand, the doctor promotes abortion of infants by mothers; while on the other hand, he offers a safe haven for abandoned children in the form of an orphanage. Nonetheless, the services can be made to coexist when abortion is only procured in the event that the mother’s life is at risk. Doing this shows that the doctor is concerned about the health and well-being of a mother and infant, the same way he does by running an orphanage that harbors children abandoned by their parents. Saving the life of a mother whose life is at risk is a form of humanity, just...
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