The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, is a well known large organization. With about thirteen million members, this Christian religion just keeps on growing. Mormons believe that the heavenly father (God) and Jesus Christ lead the church through revelations given to the President or present day prophet. They also believe that a man named Joseph Smith translated a sacred book called the Book of Mormon. With a living day prophet and this extra book of scriptures, they believe that their church is the most correct one in the world today. I was able to interview my wife and father in law regarding some questions I had about the religion. Following is the summary of my learning’s about the Mormon religion. I learned that Joseph Smith was the first president of the Church, which was also the first modern day prophet. As a young fourteen year old boy, Joseph Smith Jr. did not know which church he should join or which one was right. He then went into a grove near his home and prayed to know which church was the one that he should adhere to. The answer to his prayer was not one he was expecting. Heavenly father and Jesus Christ showed themselves to Joseph and told him that none of the churches were right and that he shouldn’t join any of them. They also told him that he would be a part of a wonderful work that must be done. That work was to restore the true church back to Earth (Cheek, C., personal communication, August 14, 2007). After Joseph’s first vision he repented for all the things he had done wrong and that night an angel named Moroni visited Joseph several times teaching him many things. One of which was the location of the golden plates. Before Joseph could take the plates, he had to prove himself to be worthy. Once he had proven himself, he was able to take the plates to translate them into what is now known as the Book of Mormon. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It is the story of prophets and people in North and South America. How their life was waiting for Christ to come and then how it was when he did come. The Mormons believe that after Christ was resurrected in Jerusalem he went to North and South America to show them of his resurrection and to teach them as well. The Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon is scripture that goes hand in hand with the Bible (Cheek, C., personal communication, August 14, 2007). There are many things that make the Mormon Church differ from other Christian churches. A major difference is that Mormons believe in the Book of Mormon to be another testament of Jesus Christ. It is a book of scriptures that no other religion has. Another difference is that most Christian churches believe the god-head or divine being to be one being, whereas the Mormons believe the god-head to be three separate beings; heavenly father (God), Jesus Christ (his son), and the Holy Ghost. One last thing that makes the Mormon Church different is that they believe the President of their church to be a modern day prophet (Cheek, C., personal communication, August 14, 2007). Every Sunday Mormons meet in a certain church building. Depending on where you live is where you are divided and put into what is called a ward, and that ward is part of a stake. Because there are so many members they have to break you up so that there aren’t too many or too little of people meeting together at once. Church is divided up into three-one hour increments. It seems like it would be long, but with the way it is broken up it seems to go really fast. It can actually go by fast as well when you are truly trying to learn and be in tune with the spirit (Cheek, C., personal communication, August 14, 2007). Sunday is a very important day; it is a day of rest. It is said in the Bible that it took God six days to make the Earth and everything in it, and on that seventh day he...

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