The Chrysalids Essay

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, John Wyndham Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The Sci-Fi novel, The Chrysalids is a very disappointing novel. Many children in Africa have no hope because they have no parents; have little food or water. David from the book, The Chrysalids has a similar fate as John Wyndham sends him and his friends into a world with no hope. The book is about David and his friends who are hunted by the village because of their differences. This novel is very depressing with no hope because violation of human rights; no acceptance of differences and abuse of children. First of this is a hopeless novel because human rights is violated. Aunt Harriet had no human rights because of her three deviation children. In Waknuk, if a woman gives birth to three blasphemies (abnormal children) they were killed. She had her third deviation and lost her right to live. Like David said “My father included Aunt Harriet’s name in our prayers on the evening of the day the news came, but after that she was never referred to again” (pg. 75). Another lack of human right is shown when Sophie is captured by the Fringes due to her extra toe. She also chose not attend school for her protection due to her deviation (extra toe). If anyone found out that she is a blasphemy, her basic right would be robbed, the right to live. Therefore, the lack of human rights has impacted the book with no hope. The acceptance of unique and different people is not approved in Waknuk. People like David and his telepathic ability would make him unique in real life and different from others. In the novel, David is scared and wishes he was the same as everyone. As David says, “I-I’m frightened, Uncle Axel. What’ll they do when they find out I’m different?” (pg. 77). This is ironic because in real life, David should be happy and proud he is different that other people in a way. The sayings of true image of god and mutants are persistent in The Chrysalids because the Waknuk society is scared of any deviations and think they could harm the norms (normal people). Everyone has...
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