The Chrysalids

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Communication Essay

In the two literary works The Chrysalids and Tell all the Truth but tell it slant, both display methods of communication to the reader. Whether being telepathy or a more simple way of conversing, verbally. Both writings express their idea of communication differently and on the same level.

To compare the two pieces of literature, both seem to mention that ¡°The Truth must dazzle gradually¡± (Line 7). An example of verbal communication, David Strorm promises not to reveal that Sophie is a blasphemy, yet the truth eventually utters out of David¡¯s mouth, resulting in Sophie¡¯s departure. Similarly in the poem, Dickenson believes that people should disguise their truths and use this kind of communication because we humans are not used to take in the truth all at once. Also, the poem and the book use writing to communicate with others. To illustrate, in the The Chrysalids, Joseph Strorm utilizes religious slogans to teach to others that the mutants are soulless creatures who roam the earth and that the Norm are blessed. (¡°THE IMAGE OF GOD IS MAN¡±, ¡°BLESSED IS THE NORM¡±, ¡°WATCH THOU FOR THE MUTANT¡±) (Page 18, 2nd paragraph) In the same way, Emily Dickenson writes a poem in words. Hoping people would realize the message and what she is saying.

In contrast, the two works each has its own style of communication. For instance, in the poem, it is clearly obvious that the poet is telling readers to speak or to tell ¡°The truth¡¯s superb surprise¡± (Line 4) piece by piece. But in The Chrysalids, David uses his unique ability to communicate through mental telepathy. Because of the nuclear radiation, there was no communication between large patches of land. The only one¡¯s who could, were the people that possessed the power of telepathy.

All in all, the variations and methods of communication in these two literary compositions clearly address their opinion on the concept of conversation. (And more) To quote the words of Joseph...
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