The Chrysalids

Topics: Mind, Thought, Disability Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: September 29, 2010
The Chrysalids is a story set in the future. In the story, the “normal” people living in Waknuks, where David came from, were searching for the abnormal, or the ”mutants” and tried to kill them. Throughout the story, they were very eager to look for David and the rest of his telepathy group to investigate their special powers or even, to kill them. The reason of them really doing so was not because of that the telepathies were actually different, but is due to that they were scared that the telepathies would rule the place as they had special, extraordinary abilities, which “normal” people did not have. Other than that, normal people certainly did not deserve the rights to destroy mutants just because they were not shaped like God’s image, or simply, like everybody else.

“And any creature that shall seem to be human,
But is not formed thus is not human.
It is neither man nor woman.
It is a blasphemy against the true image of God,
And hateful in the sight of God.” (Wyndham 13)

The quote proved that the Waknuks believe people that were not imaged like God should not be considered human, and they should be destroyed— David, Rosalind, Petra and Michael, the main characters of the story, were considered as mutants as well, as they could make up thought shapes and communicate in their minds, and according to the Waknuks, they were not normal human and should be considered as mutants as well. However, to Uncle Axel, God can read everyone’s minds, and it may be an ability that human should have as well if they were to God’s image. He stated that human probably lost it due to tribulation, and God granted this special ability to a small group of people only. From this, I think that the normal people were actually chasing after the telepathies out of jealousy and fear. It only made them the “normal people” because they were of the larger proportion of population. It does not give them the power to kill the mutants.

Even imagining or having a thought of...
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