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The Chronological Orde of the Adventures of Odysseus

By Jeanyl28 Sep 19, 2013 658 Words
First, they arrive at Ismarus, the land of the Cicones. They sack the city, killing the men and taking the women and treasure as bounty. They are later attacked by the Cicones. 

Second, They arrive in the Land of the Lotus-eaters. Here, his men eat lotus flowers. The flowers cause the men to lose their desire to return home, so Odysseus must force them back to the ship. 

Third, at the Cyclops' cave, his men escape being eaten only by Odysseus blinding the one-eyed Polyphemus (son of Poseidon). He does so by claiming that his name is "No One." When Polyphemus screams, he says that "No One" is attacking him, so his fellow cyclopes do not come to his rescue. As a result, Poseidon threatens Odysseus with much suffering and the ultimate loss of his men. 

Fourth, King Aeolus gives Odysseus and his men a place to stay for about a month. Upon their departure, Aeolus puts winds in a bag and gives them to Odysseus, instructing him not to open it. The crew get close to Ithaca, but while Odysseus sleeps, they open the bag of winds and are flown back towards Aeolia. 

Fifth, at the Land of the Laestrygens, giant cannibals eat all but one of Odysseus' ships. 

Sixth, at Aeaea, the enchantress Circe turns Odysseus' scouting party into pigs. But Hermes, the messenger of the gods, gives Odysseus an herb against a similar fate. Odysseus sleeps with Circe and convinces her to turn the pigs back into men. She does so, but only after they have stayed on her island for a year. She tells Odysseus that he must go see Tiresias in the Underworld before continuing his journey. 

Seventh, Odysseus meets with the blind prophet Tiresias in the Underworld. He encounters lost family and friends. Tiresias warns him of the dangers that lie ahead. 

Eighth, Odysseus and his men sail past the Sirens, who sing songs to lure passing crews and ships to their deaths. Odysseus orders his men to fill their ears with wax and to tie him to the mast of the ship, so that he may hear the songs but will not be able to succumb to their seduction. 

Ninth, Odysseus must choose between sailing by either Scylla, a six-headed monster, or Charybdis, a giant whirlpool. Taking Circe's advice, he sails by Scylla, who devours only six of his men and allows them to pass. 

Tenth, They go to Thrinacia, the home of the sacred cattle. Before docking the ship, he forces his men to swear an oath forbidding them from eating the cattle. However, after their food supply depletes, the men begin to kill and eat the sacred cattle. Angered, the gods punish Odysseus and his men. After this adventure, Odysseus is the last man standing and must float away on the branch of a fig tree (his men and ship were all destroyed by the gods). 

Eleventh, Odysseus goes to Ogygia, home of Calypso. She keeps him captive for seven years. She gives him a raft but it is soon destroyed by Poseidon, who is still angry with him because of the death of his cyclops son. 

Twelfth, Odysseus floats to Scheria, where he is taken in by the princess and king. He tells them his story and they agree to help him by providing him with one of their best ships to return to Ithaca. 

And thirteenth, Odysseus finally returns home only to find that his house is full of suitors for his wife. He must prove himself and soon, after his victory against the suitors, must show his identity. 

1. Island of Ismarus 

2. Island of the Lotus - Eaters 

3. Island of Cyclops 

4. Island of King Aeolus 

5. Island of Laestrygonians 

6. Island of Circe 

7. Underworld 

8. Island of Sirens 

9. Scylla and Charybdis 

10. Island of the Sun 

11. Island of Calypso 

12. Island of Nausica 

13. Odysseus kills the suitors

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