The Chorus

Topics: Sophocles, Aeschylus, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: October 10, 2013
The Chorus plays a vital role in Greek literature, whether it by read or seen in a play. The Chorus is described as accompany of actors who commented (by speaking or singing in unison) on the action of the play. They tell of what we may not see or grasp thoroughly from the story. They come in many forms of attitudes foreshadowing of events and the dangers as in Aeschylus, Agamemnon, a persuasive character and teacher in Sophocles Oedipus the King and a friendly companion taking the side of the betrayed in Medea by Euripides. As with any work of literature the writing is greatly influenced on the times. The stories or poems demonstrate the struggles or changes coming to Athens at the time of authorization. But what is the importance or use of the Chorus if they are not an actual character or what can not be said by an existing one?

Aeschylus wrote Agamemnon in 458 B.C.E, during this time the shift from a tyrannical government to a political democracy was taking place in the city of Athens. The Chorus in the play is made up of the older men of Argos who were too old to fight in the Trojan War. They served as advisors to Clytaemnenstra during the husbands, Agamemnon absence. The Chorus speeches provide the main commentary of action throughout the play. Foreshadowing becomes an important part of the chorus in the play because most of the play takes place in a destination in the near past. The Chorus provides the audience with what has happened during Agamemnon’s trip and the history of the Trojan War that we would have otherwise not have known. The Chorus also gives the reader the opportunity to answer any questions that we might have had concerning the action of the characters or expressing a fear without knowing why. This unknown emotions cause the reader to believe that there more to the story that may happen. Such as when they question Cassandra about why she cries or when Agamemnon comes into the palace. In Sophocles’, Oedipus the King the time of...
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