The Chocolate War: Goober as a Foil to Jerry

Topics: English-language films, Intention, 81st Academy Awards Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 15, 2011
In many stories, a foil is inserted into the plot for the sole purpose of developing and supporting the actions of the protagonist. The foil and protagonist are best seen when they act in close proximity to each other, which describes the relationship of the Goober and Jerry quite befittingly. Goober’s actions help develop Jerry as a character by demonstrating his contrasting personality and thoughts towards those of Jerry. Goober often turns to Jerry on matters concerning the status of the chocolate sale and The Vigils. How Jerry responds helps develop his role in the story, which you could say makes him look good from the reader’s perspective. Goober’s effect on Jerry allows the reader to gain further insight on Jerry and the reasons behind his intentions. Goober’s personality helps emphasize focal points in Jerry’s personality during the many discussions they have. Even those actions that are indirect provide the reader with hints as to just how strong a point of Jerry’s is when delivered in a situation like this. Goober trembled when The Vigils gave him his assignment, which was the expected reaction for assignment-assigning when The Vigils did things like these. Jerry, however, insisted and said “No,” even after the deadline for his assignment not to sell chocolates was over. In this way, the specificity of Goobers emotions further pushed that fact that Jerry Renault, the freshman, dared and did disturb the universe. Seniors shake in fear at the mention of The Vigils, and now this has happened? Goober is proving to be a very effective foil for the bettering of Jerry’s character. That doesn’t mean that the Goobers own personality and story aren’t important, because in a way, since he is a good foil to Jerry, Jerry is also a good foil to him. Their differences in opinion, intention, action, and reaction, are what makes them interesting characters to compare and contrast. I feel like the more I notice this comparison and contrast, the more meaningful the story...
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