The Chocolate War

Topics: English-language films, Domestic violence, The Chocolate War Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: May 4, 2013
“Archie is a scheming and manipulative character who controls the ‘entire school in the palm of his hand’ Do you agree?”

In The Chocolate War, written by Robert Cormier, Archie Costello is the main antagonist who enjoys torturing his victims psychologically. In the novel he is portrayed as a manipulative and cunning person. Archie Costello is a character who is powerful enough to control the entire school. The novel shows how Archie can turn a bad situation for him into a good one – demonstrating just how powerful Archie is and how he can use it to his advantage. In fact, his power seemed so destructive to other characters that many try to stop him but he is always one step ahead. His assignments – cruel assignments, had affected his victims emotionally, showcasing that Archie Costello can control the ‘entire school in the palm of his hand’ because it was his assignments that enabled them power. Archie is a manipulative and very clever person that was capable of turning a losing situation for him into a winning one. He demonstrated this by when he received a warning from Brother Leon. “I’ll make it clear, Archie. If the sale goes down the drain, you and The Vigils also go down the drain.” The situation looked bleak for him because students weren’t selling chocolates and instead were going up against The Vigils. They had found a poster that had said “Screw the Chocolates and Screw The Vigils” pg.183. Even Frankie Rollo, a freshman was not imitated by Archie and so Carter used physical punishment to get the message clear to him. This showed how weak Archie’s and The Vigil’s influence were getting. Realising this, Archie with some quick thinking, turned the tables in a matter of time. He managed to get all 19,950 boxes sold except Jerry’s fifty and in the end he even had Brother Leon on his side. This shows that Archie can hold “the entire school within his palm” and shows how he is always a winner, “I am Archie. I cannot lose.” The succession of his thinking...
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