The Children's Blizzard

Topics: Storm, Weather, Journey Pages: 4 (1716 words) Published: May 5, 2013

Throughout history; people have always been in search for prosperous land and new beginnings. In the Norwegian areas, the quality of life had been decreasing over time due to the lack of jobs, the decrease in product worth, and the ongoing political battles. For low and middle class people, the scope of Norwegian lifestyles was looking dimmer and dimmer. As these people lost hope in their country, they began to search for a better opportunity; hearing about the possibilities of land ownership in the western united states. The thought of owning land excited everyone, causing much thought to go into how they could afford and survive such a long and what they know will be a difficult journey. Many families had very similar backgrounds; they currently farmed using each family member in one way or another around the property. Generally, the men worked the fields while the women would feed everyone, do laundry, and watch after any small children. This lifestyle was a very normal one for most, however the tasks were becoming more difficult and the market for the crops was constantly decreasing. Because of this, the income for each family was dwindling and the product growth was consequently following the same path. Families were running out of food, and many people from young children to adults and up to the elderly began dying due to starvation and lack of nutrition. A change needed to be made and it needed to be done much sooner than later if anyone would plan to survive. A young married couple; Gro and Ole Rollag, began there journey on April 24, 1873; being the first of their family to emigrate. They jokingly would say that “Our honeymoon took us to America.” Gro later wrote in her recollection of the journey that they had spent thirteen days on the Atlantic, landing in Boston upon arrival. From there they went west in a railroad boxcar, taking a little snack of a piece of sausage and a few...

Cited: Laskin, David.The Children’s Blizzard.New York, New York:HarperCollins Publishers,2005
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