The Cherry Orchard

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The Cherry Orchard

Characters: Madame Lubov Ranevsky, the estate owner; Varya, Lubov’s adopted daughter; Anya, Lubov’s Daughter; Peter Trofimov, a student and Anya's love interest; Yasha, young manservant; Dunyasha, a house maid; Fiers, a manservant aged 87; Gaev, brother of Ranevsky; Epikhodov, a clerk; Ermolai Lopakhin, a merchant who bought the Cherry Orchard.

Plot: It's a party at Lubov's house. It is also the day of the auction of the estate and the cherry orchard. Trying to soothe Lubov, Varya assures her that Gaev has bought the orchard.The topic of Varya's marriage to Lopakhin comes up again. She likes him, she admits, but she can't really propose to him herself. Lubov asks Trofimov not to tease Varya so much. Can't he see how unhappy she is? He's just getting back at her for hounding him and Anya. They are above love. Lubov says she must be beneath love. But really, all she can think about is the auction. She wants Trofimov to comfort her. A telegram falls out of Lubov's sleeve. It's from her lover in Paris, who is sick and begging her to return. This infuriates Lubov. She attacks Trofimov, calling him a virgin and a freak. Trofimov is horrified. He leaves the room, and promptly falls down the stairs. The dancing starts again. Lubov apologizes and dances with Trofimov. Fiers comes in, disapproving of the whole scene. He tells Yasha how, in the past, generals and barons came to their parties. Today it's post office clerks. Yasha replies that he's bored and wishes Fiers would kick the bucket. Lubov asks Fiers where he will go if the estate is sold. Wherever she tells him, he says. Yasha requests that Lubov take him back to Paris. The people here are too uneducated for him. Dunyasha enters, trying to get Yasha's attention. She's been flirting with the post office clerk. Epikhodov still has a thing for her, but she won't give him any time.Varya scolds Epikhodov for breaking the cue. When she threatens to hit him with a stick, she catches Lopakhin...
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