The Cherokee Removal

Topics: Cherokee, Trail of Tears, Georgia Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: November 17, 2013
A long time before this land was called the United States, the Cherokee people used to live in this land in the valleys of rivers that drained the southern Appalachians. These people made their homes, farmed their land, and buried their dead. Also these people, who are now called Indians claimed larger lands. They would use these for hunting deer and gathering material, to live off of. Later these lands were called Virginia and Kentucky. As it is mentioned in the text, these people had their own culture and own way of life. They had their own gender roles and religion; even eating food had a different definition than the white man’s culture. They had equality between genders, and other members of the tribe had equal rights to talk. But still white people called them “savage” or uncivilized for political reasons and not just because they were completely barbaric. In this society, task division can be seen between genders. For example, women would farm and men would hunt. There was a townhouse where men and women would gather, it was a palace for debating and talking about important issues, and conduct ceremonies. The leader of the society was with one whom people would respect and follow him, rather than just a person who has born to office (p.3). There were reasons that white men considered Native Americans “uncivilized.” Cherokees or Native Americans were people who would live as a tribe, they had a leader and they would share the land that they were using for hunting. There were some laws and organizations. They had men who would fight and women who would farm and take care of the rest of the family. Their cloth was different than white people’s they wouldn’t cook their meat, they weren’t Christian, and they didn’t have any education. They believed it was up to them to keep everything around them in balance and when one of them was killed they thought it was their responsibility to retaliate their death. Also, they believed men balanced women and hunting...
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